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The DOCTOR V64 is the best N64 accessory available on the market; there are other units which frankly either do not have CD-ROM drives, or are simply  repackaged V64's in a black case. The V64 is the original, most used, most compatible, most tested, and most mature product in this market. The DOCTOR V64  is the ultimate accessory for experimentation, homebrew development, or educational purposes involving the powerful Nintendo 64 game console. Probably the last thing on the planet Nintendo wants you to own, much less know about.
O N L Y   $ 3 8 9 . 0 0 
USA / Canada / Europe / UK / Australia / New Zealand / * EVERYWHERE! *
Doctor V64 Features:
  • Built-in High Speed Internal CD-ROM drive and VCD Player. Ultra quiet! Compatible with all formats.

  • High speed file access and loading (64MBIT file loads in only 7 seconds).
  • NEW! 80v~250v Auto-switch Power Supply. Better & more reliable than the original power supply.

  • It switches automaticaly wether you have a 110v or 220v connection.
  • ISO9002 certified Internal circuit board.
  • Built-in 128M bit memory (expandable up to 256M).
  • Simple & Easy on-screen display menu.
  • MPEG/CD-I/VideoCD 2.0 movie playback! Watch movies with your V64, using VideoCD 2.0 chapters!
  • Built-in 3D surround sound stereo processor (SPATIALIZER).
  • Built-in parallel printer port. Requires your PC be set to "Standard", not EPP, ECP
  • 128 Megabits of RAM. Expandable to 256 Megabits.
  • Latest Bios 1.80v FlashROM BIOS upgradeable via CD or PC parallel port link. 
  • 64 bit game cartridge program carrier emulation capability. 
    All prices in U.S. Dollars.  For Canadian Dollar Price just multiply The price above by 1.50.  I can ship C.O.D. Within CANADA ONLY (Additional CAD$8.00 COD FEE)  If you wish to purchase a Doctor V64 unit from the USA or any other country world wide you must pre-pay your order.  Unfortunately neither FEDEX, UPS, RPS, DHL or any other courier company will send COD from one country to another.  They only ship COD within the same country. 

  • I can accept either Money orders/Bank Drafts/Certifies Checks/Cashiers Checks and Personal Checks.  If paying by personal check, please note that there will be an 8-10 day shipping delay while I make sure your check clears at my bank.  All COD orders must be paid by a money order/cash or certified check.