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While the pictures of the main menu of the Game Enhancer depict the GAME HUNTER model Game Enhancer, we want to point out that we DO NOT carry the GAME HUNTER type game enhancer due to many flaws and faults in its design.  It has a very high failure rate and we stopped carrying it long ago.  However, to save time, we continue to use the same pictures we already had on file.   The unit shipped to our customers is NOT the Game Hunter model - Nor should you accept that model from any other retailer.
18.gif (1529 bytes)HOW  TO   PLAY  IMPORT GAMES ?18.gif (1529 bytes)
1. Insert ANY black bottom (original) Playstation game (can be a demo disk).
2. Make sure a spring or a toothpick or tape or anything is keeping the drive switch pressed. (Please see below pictures.)
3. Keep the lid open.
4. Power on - you will see the disk spin - wait till the disk stops.
5. Remove the black Playstation game disk (not spinning).
6. Insert the  BACKUP games.
7. Click on the "START GAME" or "START GAME WITH CHEATS" Button.
8. The disk will start spinning and your import or backup game will boot up like normal. 
9. Now you may close the lid if you wish. 
How to use the Plug-Mod Function? - step 1.How to use the Plug-Mod Function? - step 2
How to use the Plug-Mod Function? - step 3.How to use the Plug-Mod Function? - step 4
18.gif (1529 bytes)  HOW  CAN  I  CHANGE  THE  NTSC   MODE  &  PAL MODE  ?18.gif (1529 bytes)
  You  can  press "SELECT+L1" key  together  when  the  GAME ENHANCER
is  in  the  main  menu,  THIS WILL APPEAR ON THE SCREEN!
Change to NTSC !Change to PAL !
Now  you  can  press   "O"  key  to  confirm  it!
18.gif (1529 bytes)  HOW  CAN  I  ENTER  NEW  CODES  FOR  THE  LATEST  GAMES  ?18.gif (1529 bytes)
   You can enter new codes through the Game Wizard  ON-SCREEN MENU -
"SELECT CHEATS" with your controller. 
ACTION-REPLAY and EXPLORER codes can work in the Game Wizard. 
18.gif (1529 bytes)  WHAT'S  THE  BLACK   SWITCH  ON THE  SIDE  OF  THE  GAME  WIZARD  ?18.gif (1529 bytes)
The black switch located on the side of the Game WIZARD's plastic shell  allows you to turn it ON or OFF.  When the switch is pushed "UP" The Game WIZARD  turned
"ON",the Game WIZARD  will goto MAIN MENUS after 
powerering up your PS; When this switch is "DOWN",it will  simply start the game bypassing the menu system and functions of  the Game WIZARD!